Linden Labs have revamped their 'serious' virtual world marketing with the release of a new subdomain - and it is miles better than the old 'Second Life Grid' material.  There are reams of examples, case studies and quotes, and much more professional looking graphics.  One interesting ploy is mixing photos of real people over scenes from the virtual spaces, perfectly emphasising the immersiveness.  I recommend anyone thinking of getting involved with virtual worlds for real work to check it out.  It makes a compelling case.  I guess this is all leading up to the release of the 'Nebraska' behind-the-firewall SL solution coming in the autumn.  Rumoured to be priced between $50k and $80k, it will need a polished marketing campaign and a solid value proposition. One thing that for me is missing though is photos and videos of real environments in use.  It's hard for those evangelists amongst us to realise, but a text description of this stuff almost never gets the point across to folk who haven't already experienced it.