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Enterprise uses of Immersive Environments and Virtual World technology for collaboration. As CTO of vComm Solutions and co-founder of Flying Island I'm particularly interested in the ways that collaborative 3D immersive environments might help bring dispersed teams together

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Re: Whisper - New Voice Solution for OpenSim
by neilC
OK, these are my thoughts only, I haven't discussed this with vComm. The intention has been expressed to open source these components. Moving from that to having the code available I suspect requires several decisions - what license, is there a need for a contribution agreement, how will contributions be managed and some administrative tasks - ensuring that the code is good enough and works well enough initially to allow the community to work on it, setting up a repository. Since this is not code for use in isolation but for use in an ecosystem of servers and clients, simply throwing the code out there might result in a ton of forks of the codebase. So I think (again I emphasise these are my thoughts and ruminations only) we just have to be patient while these kinds of things are sorted, amongst all the other day to day tasks that a company like vComm has!
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